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We're really excited to start the New Year with these new titles on our streaming service. It has only been running a few months, but we've got a lot attention during lockdown, so we are grateful to you for streaming from us and supporting independent platforms. 
We have some big plans for 2021 and equally, we have some big titles to add throughout 2021. So definitely stay tuned.

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Kick back and chillax with this 45 minute nostalgic cinematic instrumental mix of Japanese rare grooves, funky beats and soulful basslines by TripMaster.

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With the UK cinematic release of Akira in 4K, it seemed fitting to briefly talk about the original motion picture soundtrack. I’ve listened to this soundtrack so many times over the years it still gives me an excitement recalling the scenes in my head and how as a teenager it made me feel. I wanted to be part of Kendas Pill crew. The idea of riding around the city on your bike with your friends at night, without a care in the world, just seemed so appealing. I did my best riding BMX, causing a nuisance to property owners. However,...

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