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The Third Window Films Podcast

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The Third Window Films Podcast

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On this episode Adam and Ben are joined once again by the mighty Tom Mes, this time to talk about the films of one of the greats of Japanese cinema, Sogo Ishii.

Sogo Ishii changed the game with his 1980 film CRAZY THUDER ROAD. Its success opened the door for young independent filmmakers in Japan and it paved the way for the Cyberpunk genre and inspired classics like Akira and Tetsuo: The Iron Man to name but two.

Ben goes through his Ishii season where he watched everything from August in the Water and Angel Dust to his latest films like Bitter Honey and Punk Samurai Slash Down.

Adam releases CRAZY THUNDER ROAD on February 21st and it is available to pre-order right now at Terracotta Distribution here

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