A Scene at the Sea (blu ray) standard edition

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Directed by Takeshi Kitano (VIOLENT COP, SONATINE, GETTING ANY?)

A deaf garbage collector happens upon a broken and discarded surfboard. The discovery plants in him dreams of becoming a surf champion. Encouraged by his also deaf girlfriend, he persists against all odds. Though trapped in silence, their expression of love is no less profound. A heartrending masterpiece that, as with Kitano’s other films (Sonatine), (Fireworks), has a sharp eye for human frailties and a love for the courage of the underdog.

Bonus Features:

  • New audio commentary by film critic Jasper Sharp

Director: Takeshi Kitano

Cast: Claude Maki, Hiroko Oshima, Susumu Terajima

Language: Japanese (with English subtitles)

Country: Japan

Genre: Drama

Year: 1991

Runtime: 101mins

Certification: PG

Special Features:

Region: B

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