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October New Releases

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October New Releases

Beach of the War Gods

BEACH OF THE WAR GODS (1973) directed by Jimmy Wang Yu.

In the waning days of the Ming dynasty, Japanese marauders raid villages on the Chinese coast.  A wandering swordsman (Jimmy Wang Yu) single-handedly dispatches a group of the invading thugs and agrees to help defend the town. He assembles a core team of highly skilled warriors, including mercenary knife thrower Leng Ping (Tien Yeh, BLOOD OF THE DRAGON) and hot-headed swordsman Iron Bull Chao (Hsieh Han, ONE ARMED BOXER).


 From Beijing With Love

FROM BEIJING WITH LOVE (1994) directors Stephen Chow (KUNG FU HUSTLE, ROYAL TRAMP) and Lee Lik Chi.

Martini swilling butcher (and disgraced former spy) Ling Ling Chat ("zero zero seven" in Cantonese) is dispatched to recover a stolen dinosaur skull from a golden-gun wielding supervillain. Equipped with the latest gadgets, our hero dons his tuxedo and swaggers into a world of danger, beautiful women (including co-star Anita Yuen), and metal mouthed assassins.


Visible Secret

VISIBLE SECRET (2001) directed by Ann Hui 

Single Pressing: Unlike Limited Editions a Single Pressing release will not be re-issued as a standard edition, this is the only pressing made and will be deleted once sold out. Spirits lurk everywhere in Ann Hui’s (BOAT PEOPLE) horror-comedy, VISIBLE SECRET (2001).


 Magic Crystal

A high-kicking soldier-of-fortune (Andy Lau, INFERNAL AFFAIRS) finds himself on the trail of an alien artefact and forced to contend with both an intrepid lady FBI agent (Cynthia Rothtrock, LADY REPORTER) and a Russian crime lord (Richard Norton, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’).The feet and fists fly fast and funky on sunny Greek locations, on Hong Kong’s mean streets and amid the ruins of an ancient UFO. Populist Hong Kong film-maker Wong Jing (‘City Hunter’) remixes ‘ET’ into a wacky comedy caper that delivers some of the best traditional kung fu fighting ever performed in a modern setting. Released by 88 films.

The Medallion

After Hong Kong cop Eddie Yang (Jackie Chan) dies in the line of duty, he finds himself reanimated by an ancient mystic talisman, now with superpowers at his disposal! His return stuns his former girlfriend Nicole James (Claire Forlani, MEET JOE BLACK) and partner Arthur Watson (Lee Evans). The trio must rejoin forces to take on a similarly supernaturally enhanced villain, Snakehead (Julian Sands) and his right- hand man Calvin (Scott Adkins). 

Bluray release from 88 Films.

Three Films by Yasujiro Ozu

Celebrating 120 years of Japanese director Yasujiro Ozu (TOKYO STORY), this BFI bluray release contains three newly restored films:

Record of Tenement Gentleman (1947, 75 mins)

Dragnet Girl (1933, 99 mins)

A Hen in the Wind (1948, 84 mins)

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