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A Guide to Hong Kong’s Mind-Blowing ‘Category III’ Video Nasties

The Video Recordings Act of 1984, for those uninformed, had made banned Italian exploitation classics, as well as British and American works notorious in 80s Britain. But by the end of the decade, these territories would find themselves out-nastied as Hong Kong filmmakers took advantage of their own new system

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88 Films, Angela Mao, Eureka -

Angela Mao Boxset and Flying Guillotine 2 blu ray

Eureka Entertainment vs 88 Films! Announced the same day (9th June 2022) that they would be release an Angela Mao boxset of Hapkido + Lady Whirlwind and Flying Guillotine 2 respectively. It's just an unrelenting release schedule for Asian films from these two boutique blu ray labels (everyone's just waiting for Arrow Video to announce Shawscope Vol 2 and drop the mic 😅). On the Terracotta store, you can pre-order the Eureka Angela Mao boxset here and the 88 Films Flying Guillotine 2 blu ray here.    

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Reflections on Japanese Pink Film – The Good, The Bad and The Sexy

If you’re lucky enough to live in a country where you can still watch porn in public, like Switzerland or Japan, you should take the real experience and everything that comes with it.

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Documentary, Japanese cinema, Japanese Directors, Pinku Eiga, Sexploitation Films -

Koji Wakamatsu Japan’s erotic cinema rebel

A look at one of Japan’s greatest filmmakers, and sadly, one of their most underappreciated.

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Blu ray releases coming up on the Terracotta store

Over the last few years, labels like 88 Films, Eureka, Arrow and Third Window have been spoiling us with blu ray releases from the catalogue of Asian cinema history. The releases continue to come, delighting film fans and blu ray collectors alike; here's a round-up of some of the best of them, all available to buy on the Terracotta store.   Dragons Forever 4k UHD Deluxe Collector boxset Looking ahead, there's much excitement about the 88 Films Dragons Forever 4k UHD release. Starring the trio of Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung, this classic Hong Kong action comedy gets...

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