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The Ozu Collection: An Autumn Afternoon (dual format) 2-film set

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The final film from Japanese film director Yasujiro Ozu's charts the inevitable eclipse of the older generations by irreverent youth.

Revisiting the story of his earlier masterpiece Late Spring (1949), Ozu once again casts Chishu Ryu in the role of Hirayama, the concerned father to unmarried Michiko. Harangued on all sides to marry off Michiko, Hirayama reluctantly prepares to bid his old life farewell. A cast of tragi-comic characters weaves seamlessly through this gently satirical portrayal of lifes inevitable, endless cycle.

Ozu's rarely seen post-war melodrama, A Hen in the Wind, is also included here. In a Japan recently devastated by World War II a devoted, near-destitute mother turns to prostitution to pay medical bills when her son falls dangerously ill.

Director: Yasujiro Ozu

Cast: Kinuyo Tanaka, Shuji Sano, Chieko Murata

Special Features:

  • Fully illustrated booklet with newly commissioned essays by Kyoko Hirano and Jonathan Rosenbaum
  • New and improved English subtitles
  • Standard Definition and High Definition presentation of An Autumn Afternoon (DVD & Blu-ray)
  • Standard Definition presentation of A Hen in the Wind (DVD only)

Region: 2/ B

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