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Soundtrack - Akira OST

Akira, Japanese cinema, Katsuhiro Otomo, Soundtrack -

Soundtrack - Akira OST

With the UK cinematic release of Akira in 4K, it seemed fitting to briefly talk about the original motion picture soundtrack. I’ve listened to this soundtrack so many times over the years it still gives me an excitement recalling the scenes in my head and how as a teenager it made me feel. I wanted to be part of Kendas Pill crew. The idea of riding around the city on your bike with your friends at night, without a care in the world, just seemed so appealing. I did my best riding BMX, causing a nuisance to property owners. However, there is a difference between Neo-Tokyo and a small British market town, that doesn’t quite translate well, but this didn’t stop scenes playing in my head and the music playing like a soundtrack to my life. 

Akira Film Poster

The brooding energy from the opening song Kaneda, with each percussive instrument following the other, just created such a tension, that when the vocals came in, you are already on a high.

Equally, the more emotive songs like, Winds Over Neo-Tokyo, still to this day create a sense of loneliness and despair. I always found that scene of Tetsuo suggesting to Kaori that the pair should leave and go someplace...the farther the better, really touching and the music fit so perfectly.

Shohmyoh, is another stand out track. More vocal based and hypnotic through its repetitive chanting and quietly percussive hits, it continues to become more and more unsettling and unstable as the song progresses into Mutation, which is yet even colder and darker and when you relate this to the film, it just makes sense. 

Akira wouldn’t be what it is, if not for the music. So, if or when the new film gets produced, it will be interesting to hear how they compose a new score. Or if they re-work some of these classics from the original. 

What do you think?  Where were you when you first heard it and how did the soundtrack make you feel?
Does it still resonate with you all these years later?

  1. Kaneda
  2. Battle Against Clown
  3. Winds Over Neo-Tokyo
  4. Tetsuo
  5. Dolls Symphony
  6. Shohmyoh
  7. Mutation
  8. Exodus From The Underground Fortress
  9. Illusion
  10. Requiem

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