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Introducing Radiance Films

Yakuza Graveyard   We've recently added Asian films from label Radiance Films - Benny Chan's debut feature A MOMENT OF ROMANCE starring Andy Lau, a worldwide blu ray debut for Kosaku Yamashita's BIG TIME GAMBLING BOSS and Kinji Fukasaku's YAKUZA GRAVEYARD.Not only do they distribute hard to find films on blu ray, but their passion for evangelising about film discovery is reflected in their in-house zine Dirty Arthouse.As a fairly new label that we like, we wanted to tell you more about this label, and who better to tell you about it than the founder Francesco Simeoni himself, a well-known figure...

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Revised Dates for Pre-Order Releases

We received notification today of these revised release dates below. Apologies in advance if you have already pre-ordered these titles.

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A Sci-fi Twist on Body Horror - Tetsuo: The Iron Man

Japanese horror films are in a league of their own. Here is a review on Tetsuo: The Iron Man, a sci-fi body horror film.

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Suzume Premiere in Los Angeles

A guest post from a long-time Terracotta friend; actress, writer and producer, Loren Kinsella who attended the premiere of Suzume (Suzume No Tojimari) directed by the Makoto Shinkai (WEATHERING WITH YOU, YOUR NAME).   Last month, Los Angeles was invited to take part in the long awaited Red Carpet Premiere of Makato Shinkai’s Suzume at the David Geffen Theater.  The event was an extraordinary evening that left audiences captivated and entranced. With its mesmerizing visuals, powerful performances, and a compelling narrative, Suzume proved to be a true cinematic masterpiece that surpassed all expectations. From the moment the curtains rose at the prestigious...

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GO (2001) review by Asian Movie Pulse

With the forthcoming Third Window Films blu ray release of GO (2001) directed by Isao Yukisada, Panos Kotzathanasis from Asian Movie Pulse reviews this Japanese delinquents high-school drama.

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