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Shocktober - Most Violent Scenes in East Asian Cinema

The fact that this video is age restricted says a lot about the contents, which means its definitely worth the watch. Don't think you can top Asian cinema when it comes to violent death scenes, they just hit differently.

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Back to the Wharf - Film Review

Back to the Wharf is Li Xiaofeng's third feature film, which premiered at the 2020 Shanghai International Film Festival. The family crime drama stars Zhang Yu as man who returns from 15 years of exile to redeem himself of the past and find salvation for his future in society built on corruption, hierarchies and guilt.

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Film Review - New World

Identity, trust, loyalty and betrayal are the key themes in Park Hung-juong's film New World. A film about defragmenting the powerful position the geondal have on societies underbelly and how the police use moles to infiltrate them.

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