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"Funky Forest: The First Contact" - A Hilarious and Absurd Dive into Japanese Cinema

"Funky Forest: The First Contact" dances gleefully along the blurred line between reality and surreality with its 21 free-associative episodes. From an outlandishly hilarious "sci-fi" narrative to a daydream turned epic dance-battle, the film challenges the viewer's mind and reduces logic to a melted puddle of absurdity.

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Katsuhito Ishii is coming to UK! In-person Q&A and double-bill screening.

Japanese director, Katsuhito Ishii, we be showcasing a double Bill of SHARK SKIN MAN & PEACH HIP GIRL + PARTY 7 with a live Q&A in-between features at London's Prince Charles Theatre, 5th June.

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Punk Samurai in the Telegraph

Legendary punk director Gakuryu Ishii (ex Sogo Ishii) adapts the famously “unfilmable” Ko Machida novel Punk Samurai Slash Down, telling the story of Junoshin Kake (Go Ayano), a ronin with ambitions to be a part of the Kuroae clan.

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Set Adrift in Tokyo: Interview with Adam Torel from Third Window Films

With the release of Japanese comedy Adrift in Tokyo on blu ray coming out via Third Window Films, we talk with Adam Torel from the boutique label about his connection with the film's director, Miki Satoshi, and his review of 2022, their 15th year in operation.   Terracotta: Hello Adam. For Third Window's final release of the year, you have Adrift in Tokyo coming out - can you give us your two sentences about this film and what makes it a must-watch film? Adam: Adrift in Tokyo was a film I saw around the time Third Window Films put out our first...

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New Blu Ray Releases - December

Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock stunned audiences with their incredible athleticism and stunt work in the first of the Yes Madam! And Adrift in Tokyo, Fumiya has been a university student for 8 years and owes money to loan sharks.

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