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6 Films To Watch by Ryusuke Hamaguchi After 'Drive My Car'

If you’re looking to see more of director Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s work, here are six movies to watch from the director if you’re still hung up on Drive My Car.

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REVIEW - Black Cat (1991)

Luc Besson’s 1990 action thriller La Femme Nikita remains one of the most enduringly influential movies throughout the years and has spawned its fair share of remakes. Before any of those though, Hong Kong was first out of the gates to remake the material, with 1991’s Black Cat

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Films Which Helped Define Hong Kong Before 1997

Our friends Hong-Kong Blu-Ray curated a list of films which helped define the booming Hong-Kong cinema industry before the 1997 handover.

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New Release - Meatball Machine OUT NOW!!

FinallyYudai Yamaguchi and Junichi Yamamoto's splatter genre classic, Meatball Machine from 2005 is available.

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Film Review - Meatball Machine

“ Mister, are you an alien?” This films goes a lot more deeper than an alien parasite in the form of a chest hugger like crustacean, which sprouts a mass of tentacles engulfing it's human host, whilst controlling them via negative emotions. Meatball Machine is a splatter-gore sci-fi, with a sentimental love story at its core.  Yoji (Issei Takahashi - Kill Bill vol. 1&2), is a lonely and meek factory engineer compared to his testosterone charged co-workers. He is agonisingly shy and awkward, so much so, he can barely put a sentence together throughout most of the film. Especially, when on his lunch breaks he...

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