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Space-Swepper - Korean Blockbuster Debuts Online

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Space-Swepper - Korean Blockbuster Debuts Online

With Space Sweeper originally scheduled for a theatrical release in summer 2020 and then Koreas Chseok holidays, the Corona pandemic halted these events and rather than continuously postponing the release, rumours had been circulating, which are now confirmed, that Netflix will host Space Sweeper on its streaming service globally.

Directed Jo Sung-hee (A Werewolf Boy, which also starred Song), the film has drawn attention for being Korea’s first ever space-set blockbuster and costing KRW 24 billion (USD 21.5 million).

Set in the year 2092 the sci-fi adventure follows a clean-up crew in outer space, who try to sell a weapon of mass destruction. The members of the crew include pilot Song Joong-ki (The Battleship Island, 2017), Captain Kim Tae-ri (The Handmaiden, 2016), sidekick Jin Seon-kyu (The Outlaws, 2017), and Yoo Hae-jin (LUCK-KEY, 2016) voicing the crew’s trusty robot.  

As mentioned, due to the pandemic, this is the third major Korean to go straight to Netflix. Time to Hunt, one of the early COVID-19 casualties, was the first to pivot earlier this year, and it was joined by the thriller Call, which went online this month.
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