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Best Hong Kong Films on blu ray

  From John Woo films to kung fu action movies, you can find some of the best Hong Kong movies on the Terracotta Distribution store. In recent years, 80s and 90s Hong Kong movies, and indeed Hong Kong Cat 3 movies, have seen a resurgence in popularity on physical media thanks to labels like 88Films and Eureka Entertainment in the UK (and in the US, via Criterion Collection). Here is a guide to some of the best Hong Kong movies on blu ray on the Terracotta store:   1 Made in Hong Kong Set in Hong Kong in 1997 during...

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In the Line of Duty III and IV Eureka blu ray news

Blu ray versions of IN THE LINE OF DUTY III and IV release, completes Eureka's IN THE LINE OF DUTY series, following Yes, Madam! and Royal Warriors blu ray releases.

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EBOLA SYNDROME blu ray release news 88Films

The release of 88Films EBOLA SYNDROME has a couple of days delay due to a warehouse move at 88Films. We should be receiving stock in the next few days and we will ship orders out as soon as we get the titles in. Apologies to everyone who was expecting to receive this title earlier.  

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Weekly Horror Sale

Each week in October, we are listing a new set of Asian horror titles for you to buy at shockingly low low prices.

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Shocktober - Most Violent Scenes in East Asian Cinema

The fact that this video is age restricted says a lot about the contents, which means its definitely worth the watch. Don't think you can top Asian cinema when it comes to violent death scenes, they just hit differently.

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