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BFI Player free trial

BFI is offering an additional one-month extension to the 14-day free trial on BFI Player Subscription. Essential at-home viewing of the best in world cinema and  there are hundreds of films to choose from, with titles added weekly.

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KOFIC Launches ‘Independent Film Library’ Streaming Service

The Independent Film Library, is a new public streaming platform for independent and arthouse films, available on www.indieground.kr*. Having launched in January, the service offers a range of 70 titles, which will rotate during curated selections. The service and the website were established by the Korean Film Council Chairman, KIM Young-jin and are operated by the Association of Korean Independent Film & Video. The platform is intended to diversify the distribution of independent and artistic movies and to establish an organic support system that integrates online and offline markets. The Indieground website was initially established late 2020, as an independent film distribution support centre, to improve the environment...

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Space Sweepers Coming to Netflix

Exciting news for sci-fi and Korean cinema fans as it was report that the highly-anticipated Korean sci-fi film Space Sweepers, will be released on its platform exclusively on February 5, featuring performances from top K-drama stars Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri, Due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, the film was expected to be a tentpole release last year, however theatrical dates were pushed back and investor-distributor Merry Christmas, ultimately opted to go with the streaming service.  Really can't wait for this one.

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Film Review - New World

Identity, trust, loyalty and betrayal are the key themes in Park Hung-juong's film New World. A film about defragmenting the powerful position the geondal have on societies underbelly and how the police use moles to infiltrate them.

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The Woman Who Ran in UK Cinemas

Hong Sang-soo has become one of the most iconic and internationally acclaimed directors in South Korea, and The Woman Who Ran is the first film that sees him turning his camera to an all-female perspective.

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