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By A Man's Face Shall You Know Him (blu ray) Limited Edition

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Yakuza Thriller
Regular price £17.99
Director: Tai Katō
Cast: Noboru Andō, Ichirō Nakatani, Sanae Nakahara, Jūzō Itami, Akemi Mari, Hiroshi Fujioka, Yoshiko Kayama

BY A MAN'S FACE YOU SHALL KNOW HIM (1966) depicts a community struggling against immigrant gangs in the ruins of postwar Tokyo. Only doctor Amamiya (real-life ex-yakuza Noboru Ando) can save them, but he had enough fighting in the war. His pacifism is severely tested by the gangs’ increasingly outrageous taunts and when his neighbours decide to take matters into their own hands, Amamiya is forced to take action.

The consequences prove to be much more far-reaching than he could ever foresee. With a story spread across three time periods, Tai Kato’s ambitious revision of the yakuza movie was one of the first films to tackle the taboo subject of Japan’s Korean nationals, greatly influencing later directors such as Kinji Fukasaku and Takashi Miike. more
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