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Pink Films vol 5 & 6 (blu ray)

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The wonderful Pink Films series from Third Window films continues with 3 more films ranging from sex musicals through to tattooed outlaws.

Be sure to collect volume 5 & 6, we have limited stock allocated for the Terracotta store.

Pre-Order now, release date 29th March 2021

おんなの河童 directed by Shinji Imaoka (2011, 83 minutes)
Asuka works in a lakeside fish factory. She is just about to be married to her boss. One day, she encounters a Kappa, a water creature living in the lake and learns that it is the reincarnation of Aoki, her first love. What ensues is a zany spectacle of love, music & sex.

WOMEN HELL SONG (Stream here)
おんな地獄唄 尺八弁天 directed by Mamoru Watanabe (1970, 75 minutes)
Katori Tamaki, the star of the first ever pink film, Flesh Market (1962), stars as the roaming outlaw Okayo, also known as Benten due to the prominent tattoo of the Buddhist Goddess of Love emblazoned across her back. On the run from her persecutors, who seek to claim the tattoo and its skin canvas as a bounty, Okayo finds a safe haven in the arms of the mysterious shakuhachi (bamboo flute) playing Seigaku, himself tattooed with the image of Kisshôten, the Goddess of Prosperity.

Plus bonus film
禁じられたテクニック directed by Kan Mukai (1966, 71 minutes)
After meeting a prostitute, a former box-champion recalls his past life.
*German dubbed with English subtitles

Region: B

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