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So Close (blu ray) Limited Edition slipcase version

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Director: Corey Yuen
Cast: Shu Qi, Zhao Wei, Karen Mok
In the heart-pounding action thriller "So Close" (2002), director Corey Yuen delivers a cinematic rollercoaster that seamlessly blends martial arts prowess with intense drama. This gripping tale revolves around two extraordinary sisters, expert assassins who find their lives upended when they become the target of a sinister organization. Starring the dynamic trio of Shu Qi, Zhao Wei, and Karen Mok, this film follows the gripping journey of two extraordinary sisters, as lethal as they are beautiful, Lynn (Shu Qi) and Sue (Zhao Wei), whose lives are thrust into peril when they become the target of a malevolent organization. The film weaves a tapestry of suspense, betrayal, and breath-taking combat sequences as the sisters join forces with a resourceful detective to expose a web of corruption that threatens their very existence, culminating in a huge final, memorable, fight scene. more

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