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The Beauty of Beauties (blu ray) Limited Edition slipcase version

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Period Drama
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Director: Li Han Hsiang
Cast: Ching Chiang, Lei Zhao, Fang-Hsia Chang

 The Beauty of Beauties (1965)

Through the story of Xishi (Hsi Shih), one of Chinese history’s greatest beauties, this costume drama tells the story of the war between two Chinese Kingdoms 2,500 years ago.
After the kingdom of Yu is defeated by that of Wu, Goujian the King takes pains to prepare for his revenge and rebuilding his country. He knows well that the King of Wu, Fucha is lewd and lustful, so he offers Xisi to the court of Wu to serve as Fucha’s concubine, with Fucha unaware that she is also a spy. She uses her charm to draw Fucha from his office and governess, leaving the ruling class of Wu rotten.

Meanwhile Goujian secretly summons his friends and equips them with arms. After ten years of of war, can Goujian at last takes his revenge and reclaims his lands?

This 1965 multiple award winning epic is lovingly restored in 4K from its original Camera negative. more

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