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Parasite (4K UHD) Black and White version plus Blu ray colour version

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Parasite (2019) directed by Bong Joon-ho


Director Bong Joon-ho originally intended for the Oscar winning PARASITE to be a black and white film, and this original vision is presented here in 4K UHD and a standard blu ray of the colour version.

A must-watch film for cinephiles, discover a different perspective of this now legendary ground-breaking film that brought Korean cinema further into the mainstream.

The Kim family are close. All four live in a tiny basement flat and all four are unemployed. But when the son, Ki-woo, is recommended by his friend to take a well-paid tutoring job, hopes of a regular income blossom on the horizon.

There's only one small issue - he's not a qualified teacher and has to fake it.

Soon the whole family has infiltrated the Park home but as their deception unravels events begin to get increasingly out of hand in ways you simply cannot imagine.

3 disc edition: 4K UHD Black & White version, standard blu ray Black & White version, standard blu ray colour version


Region: 4K UHD (all), blu ray (B) more
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