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Weathering With You (blu ray) standard edition

Weathering With You (blu ray) standard edition

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Label: Anime Ltd

Makoto Shinkai (Suzume) directs this animated romantic fantasy film about two teenagers, Hodaka and Hina, who find solace in each other amidst a chaotic world.

Hodaka, a runaway high school student, heads to Tokyo for a fresh start. He quickly finds himself struggling to make ends meet, however, and finds himself living in a tiny apartment living paycheck to paycheck. The weather is unusual gloomy all the time, and raining every day.

It isn't until he meets Hina, a mysterious girl who has the ability to control the weather, that his fortunes begin to change. With her help, Hodaka finds a job working for a shady magazine editor, who wants to use Hina's powers to make a quick buck. Hina and Hodaka soon find that their relationship is not only romantic, but also spiritual, as they both help each other through the struggles of life. They share a special bond that is strengthened when they discover that Hina's power to control the weather is slowly draining her life force. In order to save Hina, Hodaka must convince the people of Tokyo to believe in her power and embrace it.

One of the best Makoto Shinkai films, Weathering With You is a story filled with optimism and hope for the spirit of humanity during adverse times.

Collect and own this Weathering With You blu ray with special features, rewatch whenever you want, and build up your anime collection.

Special Features:

Interview with Director Makoto Shinkai

Talk Show: Makoto Shinkai and Yumiko Udo

"Weather Front" Featurette

Theatrical Trailers

TV spots


Technical Specifications:


Audio: Japanese 5.1, Japanese 2.0, English 5.1, English 2.0

Subtitles: English

Runtime: 113 mins

Region: B

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