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Yokai Monsters Collection (blu ray) standard edition

Yokai Monsters Collection (blu ray) standard edition

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Label: Arrow Video

Yokai apparitions, ghosts and monsters from ancient Japanese myths and legends, are brought to life in this 4-film Collector Edition boxset from Arrow Video.

Yokai Monsters: 100 Monsters: a greedy slumlord’s attempts to forcefully evict his tenants invite the wrath of the titular spirits when a cleansing ritual is botched, with terrifying results.

Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare: the tale of an evil Babylonian vampire inadvertently awoken by treasure hunters, and a brave samurai that teams with the Yokai to defeat the bloodthirsty demon.

Yokai Monsters: Along with Ghosts: (released only 12 months after 100 Monsters), the Yokai are roused to defend a young girl on the run from deadly yakuza.

The Great Yokai War: Decades later, none other than Takashi Miike (Audition) helmed a loose remake of Spook Warfare that used cutting-edge digital effects to renew the franchise for a new generation. In it, a young boy is given a grave responsibility: to band together with a group of Yokai to defend humanity against a vengeful and powerful demon that has sworn retribution against modern-day Japan.

Directors: Kimiyoshi Yasuda, Yoshiyuki Kuroda, Takashi Miike

Cast: Shinobu Araki, Jun Fujimaki, Jun Fujimaki, Yoshihiko Aoyama, Hideki Hanamura, Kojiro Hongo, Pepe Hozumi, Ryunosuke Kamiki, Etsushi Toyokawa, Chiaki Kuriyama

Genre: Fantasy Action

Language: Japanese (with English subtitles)

Country: Japan

Runtime: 361 minutes (approx.)

Region: B

Number of Discs: 3

Special Features:

  • High Definition (1080p) Blu-ray presentations of all four films
  • Optional English subtitles on all four films
  • Illustrated 60-page collectors’ book featuring new writing on the series by Stuart Galbraith IV, Raffael Coronelli and Jolyon Yates
  • Reversible sleeves featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Jolyon Yates
  • Postcards featuring newly commissioned artwork for each film by Jolyon Yates
  • Foldout ‘yokai guide’ poster illustrated by Jolyon Yates

Disc One - 100 Monsters

  • Original uncompressed Japanese mono audio
  • Hiding in Plain Sight, a brand new documentary giving a primer on yokai for Western audiences, featuring interviews with experts Matt Alt, Zack Davisson, Kim Newman, Lynda E. Rucker and Hiroko Yoda
  • Theatrical trailer
  • US re-release trailer
  • Image gallery

Disc Two – Spook Warfare / Along With Ghosts

  • Brand new 4K restoration of Spook Warfare by Kadokawa Pictures
  • Original uncompressed Japanese mono audio for both films
  • Theatrical trailers for both films
  • US re-release trailers for both films
  • Image galleries for both films

Disc Three – The Great Yokai War

  • DTS-HD MA 5.1 original Japanese and dubbed English audio
  • Brand new audio commentary by Japanese cinema expert Tom Mes
  • Archive interviews with the cast and crew, including Takashi Miike
  • Short Drama of Yokai, two shorts detailing the further adventures of the yokai 
  • Another Story of Kawataro, two shorts featuring the continuing story of the kappa character in the film
  • World Yokai Conference, a publicity event where Miike speaks about the film
  • Promotional Events, video of the press conference to announce the start and completion of filming, as well as the premiere in Tokyo
  • Documentary on the film’s young star, Ryunosuki Kamiki, and his experience making the film
  • Theatrical trailer
  • Image gallery
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