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Female Directors - International Women's Day

Female Directors - International Women's Day

Taken from a list championing 100 female-directed hidden gems that have been forgotten or unfairly overlooked, BFI aim to write women back into film history. 

So, rather than decrying the status quo and highlighting and critiquing new films by female directors, the best option is to cast light on great female-directed films that have slipped through the net of male-auteur-centred criticism.

With that in mind, contributors to the original article – range from filmmakers to critics, academics to programmers, were asked to nominate a film by a female director they believe has been forgotten or unfairly overlooked.

Here are the East Asian picks 

Original BFI Article.

German + Rain / Yokohama Satoko  - Japan

I-san Special / Mingmongkol Sonakul - Thailand 2002

Out of Phoenix Bridge / Li Hong - China 1997

Woman Demon Human / Huang Shuqin - China 1987

The Arch / Shu Shuen (Cecile Tang) - Hong Kong 1970

The Eternal Breasts / Tanaka Kinuyo - Japan 1955

Golden Gate Girl / Esther Eng - US/China 1941

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