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Jackie Chan's Most Iconic Films That You Need to Own

With a stunning filmography surpassing 100 titles, Jackie Chan's remarkable impact on martial arts cinema is undeniable. His unique blend of high-octane action, comedy, and daring stunts has entertained millions worldwide, and his films have become cult classics. 

Among these, there are several standout Jackie Chan films that have defined his career and continue to impress even today. But which ones are truly unmissable for collectors? Which are the quintessential classics that would enhance any collection? 

Continue reading to uncover these iconic films that represent the essence of Jackie Chan's incredible body of work.


Police Story (1985)

Police Story Jackie Chan glass shattering

'Police Story' stands tall as one of Jackie Chan's most compelling action movies. Chan's role as a maverick cop blends intense martial arts with slapstick comedy.

The daring stunts, especially the shattering glass scenes (don't want to 'shatter' the illusion but it was actually rice paper which was very innovative at the time), set a new standard in the action genre. This film is truly iconic, a must-have for any Jackie Chan DVD collection.


Project A (1983)

Project A Jackie Chan bicycle scene


Next on the list is 'Project A'. This film showcases Chan's unique physical comedy and innovative action sequences.

Chan plays a fearless coast guard fighting pirates in 19th-century Hong Kong. 'Project A' remains a significant entry in the Jackie Chan filmography, perfect for those wanting a deeper look into his career.

Mixing comical scenes (check out the bicycling scenes in the narrow alleyways, ending with Jackie sitting down on a bike without the seat pad with real comic effect and facial expressions) with extensive fight scenes (think the drunken brawl in the bar and with any good martial arts film, fighting the 'big boss' battle at the end).


Armour of God II: Operation Condor (1991)

Jackie Chan operation condor

'Armour of God II: Operation Condor' is another classic that deserves a spot in every collection. Here, Jackie Chan reprises his role as adventurer Asian Hawk, on a mission to recover stolen Nazi treasures. With its high-speed chases and unforgettable action scenes, this film is a real gem to own on blu-ray, displaying Jackie Chan's charisma and acrobatic skills in high definition.


Drunken Master (1978)

Drunken Master Jackie Chan


'Drunken Master' is a definitive entry in Jackie Chan's expansive filmography. It features Chan in his element, playing the rebellious young Wong Fei Hung, who learns the art of Drunken Boxing. This role was iconic and is often referenced in many other films and even video game characters.

This film is well-regarded for its comedy and incredible fight sequences. A noteworthy addition to any Jackie Chan movie collection, it's a film that showcases Chan's early career prowess.


Dragons Forever (1988)

Jackie Chan vs Benny The Jet Dragons Forever


'Dragons Forever' is another classic in Jackie Chan's film repertoire. Teaming up with martial arts maestros Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao (aka The Three Dragons), Chan delivers an unforgettable performance as a lawyer with a knack for trouble.

The film's gripping story, combined with the trio's exhilarating stunts and kung fu fan's favourite fight scenes with Yuen Wah and Benny The Jet Urquidez, make it a real standout. It's a film that truly highlights Chan's versatility and charismatic screen presence, worthy of a prime spot in any Jackie Chan blu ray collection.


Enhance Your Collection of Jackie Chan Films Today

Jackie Chan's films have had a considerable influence on action cinema. His mix of comedy and martial arts, along with his awe-inspiring stunts, have created a distinct style emulated by many. 

With this collection of iconic Jackie Chan films, you can relive the action, comedy, and stunts that made him a legend. Discover the thrill of classic Jackie Chan action movies that continue to captivate audiences. Take a trip back in time to the golden era of martial arts cinema. 

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