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Forthcoming 2020 Korean Movie Trailers

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Forthcoming 2020 Korean Movie Trailers

This is our pick of the best Korean films coming out in November and December 2020.

The Cursed Lesson

Director  Jai-hong Juhn, Ji-han Kim / Horror / 2020
Cast: Lee Chae-Young, Choi Chul-Ho, Cho Jung-Min, Kan Mi-Yeon


The Call

Director : Lee Chung-hyun / Psychological Thriller / 2020
Cast: Park Shin-Hye, Jun Jong-Seo


Director : Jong-kwan Kim / Drama Romance / 2020
Cast: Han Ji-Min, Nam Joo-Hyuk

Lucky Monster

Director : Joon-Young Bong / Comedy Drama / 2020
Cast: Kim Do-Yoon, Jang Jin-Hee, Park Sung-Jun, Woo Kang-Min, Park Sung-Il, Bae Jin-Woong

Space Sweepers

Director : Sung-hee Jo / Sci-Fi / 2020
Cast: Song Joong-Ki, Kim Tae-Ri, Jin Seon-Kyu, and Yoo Hae-Jin

 Which films are you looking forward to watching?

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