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ICEMAN COMETH delays to shipment

Update 17th Dec: All orders (with the exception of a few who have been notified) for ICEMAN COMETH have been sent out EXCEPT if you have other pre-orders in the same order (eg ROYAL WARRIORS, MAGNIFICENT WARRIORS, ITLOD 3 and 4).   Update 16th Dec 6pm: We packed right up until last post to get as many ICEMANs out as possible. The last order we shipped was order #7890 - anyone who ordered ICEMAN COMETH with an order number lower than that OR if you ordered just a single ICEMAN COMETH without anything else, then your order was shipped today....

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In the Line of Duty III and IV Eureka blu ray news

Blu ray versions of IN THE LINE OF DUTY III and IV release, completes Eureka's IN THE LINE OF DUTY series, following Yes, Madam! and Royal Warriors blu ray releases.

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April Blu Ray Releases on the Terracotta Store

A round up of April blu ray releases on the Terracotta store

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