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The Long Arm of the Law (blu ray) Deluxe Collector Edition boxset

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Long Arm Of the Law (1984) and it's sequel Long Arm Of the Law: Part 2 (1987) in one blu ray boxset released by 88films.

Seeding the roots for CITY ON FIRE and Tarantino's RESERVOIR DOGS, Johnny Mak's film about a diamond store heist by a band of mainland Chinese robbers, on a score in Hong Kong, killing a policeman in the process, and laying low to avoid the heat.

In Long of the Law: Part 2, written by Tsui Hark and directed by Johnny Mak's brother, Michael Mak, a crime-wave hits Hong Kong with suspected Chinese mainland gangs infiltrating the territory being the cause, and the Hong Kong police force send in three undercover officers into the gangs.

Get this limited edition Long of the Law blu ray boxset, released by 88 Films from the Terracotta store whilst stocks last.

Directors: Johnny Mak Tong-Hung/ Michael Mak Tong-Kit

Cast: Lam Wai, Wong Kin, Chiang Lung

Genre: Crime Drama

Language: Cantonese with English subs

Country: Hong Kong

Year: 1984 /1987

Technical Specifications:

Region: A & B more
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