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New Releases for 2024 #ShopTerracotta

2023 was such a great year for new releases, even we struggled to keep up with ThirdWindowRadiance & Eureka. Well, Christmas just a small pause, because 2024, is set to be an even better year for releases. 

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New Releases for November #ShopTerracotta

A selection of trailers for the forthcoming releases this month. 

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New Releases from Eureka Videos

December will be an amazing month for new releases, as Eureka Entertainment have announced 3 amazing titles from Hong Kong and Japan.

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New Releases for August

August is set to be another exciting month for fans of early 90's Hong-Kong cinema and it's the 50th anniversary of the kung-fu classic The Skyhawk

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5 of the Best 80’s Hong Kong Golden Age Films You Need to Own

People love action movies — it's just wired into our consciousness. But many people don't know that some of the best action movies out there weren't made in America.  One of the greatest cultural hubs of action cinema of all time is Hong Kong — particularly in the 70's and 80's.  Understanding the best Hong Kong action movies is key to understanding where action films are today. Many directors cite this period as being extremely influential to them.  Hong Kong cinema from this period is legendary. The indie, low-budget, any-means-necessary spirit, combined with the legendarily well-trained Hong Kong actors makes these classic wuxia movies extremely distinctive. ...

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