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Fist of Legend (bluray) Limited Edition slipcase version

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Hong Kong
Action Drama
Regular price €30,95
Director: Gordon Chan
Cast: Jet Li, Shinobu Nakayama, Chin SiunHo

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Jet Li plays the Chen Zhen character in this re-telling of Bruce Lee's FIST OF FURY.

Considered by many to be the greatest Kung Fu movie of all time FIST OF LEGEND features Jet Li in the most electrifying performance of his celebrated career as the number-one student of Chinas preeminent Kung Fu master, Fok Yuen Kap.

Upon returning home to Shanghai after a period of study abroad, Chen Zhen discovers that his homeland has been devastated by a brutal Japanese occupation, and that his once proud martial arts academy has fallen into disarray following the untimely demise of his beloved Master - allegedly in a challenge match with a member of the Japanese Black Dragon Clan.

Disgusted by the official verdict on his teachers death, Chen Zhen embarks on a heroic and uncompromising one-man quest to uncover the true killer and restore dignity to his fallen people-a journey that will bring him into deadly confrontation with Japans most formidable fighters.

FIST OF LEGEND is a brilliant martial arts masterpiece that has been awarded iconic status by fans and critics worldwide.

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