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I, The Executioner (blu ray) Limited Edition

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Noir Thriller
Regular price €22,95
Director: Tai Kato
Cast: Sanae Nakahara, Chieko Baisho


I, THE EXECUTIONER (1968) directed by Tai Kato (BY A MAN'S FACE YOU SHALL KNOW HIM), is a pitch black neo noir that makes the serial killer the central character.

A man brutally murders a woman after forcing her to write the names of four others.

As the murders pile up, the police investigate the links between the victims and how they may be connected to the suicide of a young boy in the same building.

With a production pedigree of director Tai Kato, a former apprentice of Akira Kurosawa and better known for his yakuza films, and screenplay by Yoji Yamada (director of TWILIGHT SAMURAI) with sensationally photographed claustrophobic close ups from cinematographer Keiji Maruyama (SHANGHAI RHAPSODY), I, THE EXECUTIONER evokes both Hitchcock’s Psycho and the films of Nagisa Oshima, while also prefiguring the Italian giallo. more