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The Inspector Wears Skirts 4 (Blu-ray) Limited Edition slipcase version

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Hong Kong
Martial Arts Action
Region A/B
Cast: Sandra Ng Kwan Yue, Kara Hui, Cynthia Khan

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The Inspector Wears Skirts 4 

88Films blu ray release of the fourth and final film in the The Inspector Wears Skirts franchise.

Former officers Amy (Sandra Ng Kwan Yue), now a divorced mom with a young kid, and May (Kara Hui), now partially mentally-unstable, are enlisted to save the Royal Hong Kong Police Force's Banshee Squad from becoming defunct.

The struggling new squad members need their help to train their regiment, led by Madame Yang (Cynthia Khan, IN THE LINE OF DUTY III). Their police skills are put to the test when they are ordered to nab a band of brutal thugs in the city.

Also featuring Cynthia Rothrock as Madam Law.

Region: AB

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