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DOOR (Directors Company Edition bluray)

DOOR (Directors Company Edition bluray)

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Director: Banmei Takahashi

Cast: Keiko Takahashi, Daijiro Tsutsumi

Region: All

Label: Third Window Films

Two long-lost, extreme Japanese films presented with brand new digital remasters

DOOR (1988) dir. Banmei Takahashi

The first Japanese ‘Giallo’ slasher film!

Yasuko lives in a high-rise apartment in the city with her husband and her son. Being nervous about prank calls and salesmen's solicitations, she slams the door on a salesman's finger when he tried to forcibly insert a pamphlet through her door chain. This leads him to start harassing her, starting off with obscene letters written on her door then steadily escalating to full on stalking, building up to an unbelievable last 20 minutes of chaos!

Bonus Feature: DOOR 2

Ai is a call girl whose job involved a lot of risk. Every time she goes through a door, she has no idea what type of man is on the other side. Some are sweet, some are violent and some are just full-on crazy! One day she meets Mr. Mamiya, a strange and captivating artist who gradually will initiate her into SM pleasures.

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Special Features

  • New digital remasters from the original negatives
  • DOOR 1 audio commentary by Jasper Sharp
  • Interview with director Banmei Takahashi
  • Trailers of both features 
  • Slipcase with artwork from Gokaiju
  • Reversible sleeve featuring both DOOR 1 and 2 artworks
  • ‘Directors Company’ special edition featuring insert by Jasper Sharp - limited to 2000 copies

Technical Specifications

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Genre: Horror, Pink

Years: 1988/1991

Certification: 18

Runtime: 94 / 82 minutes + bonus features