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On The Run (blu ray) standard edition

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An 80s Hong Kong action noir film starring Yuen Biao as a police officer trying to solve his wife's murder, in a city where no one, not even your closest friends, can be trusted, and everyone is potentially corrupt and on the wrong side.

Full of savage action (the opening scene starts with a brutal murder in a restaurant) Yuen Biao takes a different turn to his action comedy roles (when he stars with Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung), and plays a serious cop in this gritty police action film.

With Hong Kong as a neon-noir backdrop, the race is on to follow the trail and find his wife's killer.

Released by 88Films in this limited run Deluxe Collector Edition.

Extras and special features TBC at this stage


Director: Alfred Cheung King Ting

Cast: Yuen Biao, Pat Ha Man Jik, Charlie Chin Chiang Lin, Ida Chan Yuk Lin

Genre: Action

Language: Cantonese (with English subtitles)

Country: Hong Kong

Year: 1988

Region: B more
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