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Three Extremes (DVD) standard edition

Three Extremes (DVD) standard edition

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Label: Tartan Asia Extreme

Tartan Asia Extreme release of this three short film horror omnibus.

Directed by Asian horror's most controversial directors:

Fruit Chan directs a forty-minute cut of his earlier film 'Dumplings', with newly shot footage

Takashi Miike directs 'Box' and follows a romantic novelist who is haunted by a childhood trauma

Park Chan-Wook directs 'Cut', which follows a disgruntled film extra who forces an affable director to prove that he has a nasty streak of his own.

Cast: Kang Hye-Jeong, Lee Byung-hun, Lee Dae-Yeon, Atsuro Watabe, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Pauline Lau, Lim Won-hie, Kyoko Hasegawa, Mai Suzuki, Yuu Suzuki, Bai Ling

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