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Three Films Yasujiro Ozu (bluray) 2-disc boxset

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Celebrating 120 years of Japanese director Yasujiro Ozu (TOKYO STORY), this BFI bluray release contains three newly restored films:

Record of Tenement Gentleman (1947, 75 mins)

Tashiro, a fortune telling resident in a poor district of Tokyo, has been followed home by a young boy whose father took him to the city but became separated from him. Initially unwilling to look after Kohei, Tashiro gradually warms to the boy.

Dragnet Girl (1933, 99 mins)

Sweet-faced Tokiko is an ordinary typist, but come nightfall she's a fun-loving gangster's moll. When her boyfriend strays, Tokiko is forced to reassess her life. Hugely popular when it was released, Ozu's Dragnet Girl remains one of his most enduring silent films.

A Hen in the Wind (1948, 84 mins)

A soldier returns home at the end of World War II, and refuses to forgive his wife for prostituting herself one night to pay off medical bills for their son.

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